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Two doctors Allen L. Mischel, M.I.M., is your registered Doctors Disability Service agent in the practice of Disability, Life, Health, Long-Term Care, and Employee Benefits. Since 1979, Doctors Disability Service has been serving Portland area doctors with superior disability insurance products. We understand the demanding schedules and the massive amount of paperwork and technical forms that doctors have to deal with. That is why we can offer the perfect insurance product that is custom-tailored to meet your needs with little hassle and disruption to your busy work schedule.

Our expert agents have been delivering premium insurance packages to local doctors for many years. We have become accustomed to the various needs that doctors have and stand ready to inform you of your options in a timely, yet articulate manner. To learn more about our services, please feel free to visit our services page.

Whether you are a gerontologist, pediatrician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, or radiologist we have the package of benefits that is perfect for your needs. Call today to ask about important information such as the own-occupation definition of disability, which could prevent you from receiving disability payments if you don’t have the right plan.


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